Event: 2011 Okinawa Motor Festival (Part 2)

Suuuuppppppperrrrrrrrrr clean R34 sedan.

After an unexpected delay of being sick all last week, let’s continue the 2011 Okinawa Motor Festival coverage.

Lots of cool points being accumulated here.

Dirty TE's on a dirty van? Why not.

I had been thinking about a set of these for my Chaser...cool to see it in person but still on the fence.

Falling more and more in love with 180's. Greg, Ganadors soon, yeah?

I was really wow'ed by this 86 coupe. Excellent color combo...

...with excellent wheel selection. Meister's look good in all white.

Another angle.

Hiding out. This car appeared to be quite prepared but I missed it on track.

Water color Soarer. This blue is called "mizu iro" in Japanese. Literally, "water color."

Okay, thanks for playing. That’s all for now. A few more bits in separate posts will finish it off.

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