Timeout: Total 180 180’s.

In its natural surroundings.

When I saw these two sitting next to each other in the parking area at the Okinawa Motor Festival, I new it was too good to pass up – two fine examples of 180’s built in completely different manners. We’ll start with the matte, camo green 180 you see above…

Gone are the pop-ups in favor of a S13 front with the much desired brick headlights.

Aggressive aero and wide Work XD9's are a match made in heaven. The colors work well together too.

It looks like it was recently upgrade to kouki tails; no doubt the garnish will be color matched.

On the flip side of car building, you have the more blingy, flashy, look at me approach. This next 180 sums up that style while not crossing the that’s-too-much line.

Bolt on fender flares, front under canards, and bright silver paintjob covering the car.

Cascading branding stickers and polished wheel lips.

Big exhaust tip, kouki wing, worked arches, and a whole lot more stickers.

So which is more appealing? That’s up to you and your style preference. I think they both nailed their respective looks – simple and subdued with some flare; and ostentatious with a sense of class.

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