Magilla Gorilla: More parts

What you see above: Rasty outlet pipe, Cat-delete, Cusco front and rear sway bars, and Yanack rear camber arms. The front sway bar has been installed and the rear has been sold – plan executed to perfection! (If you recall, I installed a Cusco rear bar many moons ago.)

Front bar comparo and install shots…just because I took them.

And in other news, my DD Subaru Vivio is now junked. It’s shakken was due this past weekend and there was no way I was willing to pay what it would cost to get it to pass! I enjoyed flogging the hell out of the small 660cm motor once I had decided I would be getting rid of it. It sang a nice song at 8,000rpm! Haha. And to punctuate the end of our short relationship and say it was time to part ways, the day I was junking the exhaust leak became basically an open header and the front brakes started locking at any application.