Timeout: C&Y Sports Altezza

C&Y Sports’ main office is on mainland but, to our good fortune, they opened a shop here in Okinawa a few years back. They do crazy motor swaps. It’s their thing. It’s what they are known for. It’s what got them noticed.

The Altezza above doesn’t stray from the pattern – it no longer houses the Toyota 3S-GTE…actually, it doesn’t even house a Toyota engine. Any guesses??? If you said LS1, this isn’t America! If you said RB26, then you thinking like C&Y Sports. I didn’t get any pictures of the swap as I saw the engine bay on a separate day. If I dig any up or come across the car again, I’ll be sure to share. (Just imagine a properly worked, far-from-stock RB26 in an Altezza.)

The body is equally “strong” with wide front fenders and HUGE, heavily worked pulls in the rear. The wheels are SSR D5R’s in the sizes required to fill such flares. Quite a unique, cool look since they opted for stock bumpers and sides. The Altezza looked to be finished, but, while I was there, they were working on a 2JZ swap…in a Tacoma.

Dig the hose reel in the background.