Timeout: Rally through the wire

While checking ferry times in Tallinn, Estonia, last summer, I caught this rally spec’d Ford Fiesta (Festiva?) getting ready to be loaded for the short trip to Helsinki, Finland. I let my buddies go inquire about times and I snapped some pics and observed.

Being one – if not, the only – proper rally car I’ve ever seen in person, I was pretty excited at the chance encounter even if it was behind a fence 10 meters away. My brother and I used to watch countless races when WRC was on TV. That shit was so rad. But those were different cars of a different era…and a different budget. This one looked to be a fairly privateer, hobby type endeavor which is cool. I like to go drifting, and these dudes like to blast through forest, fields, and mountains. An equally awesome way to get your motorsports fix.

I won’t try to pretend to know anything about rally, so here are some pics of different cool things on the car.

Sadly, I could get no closer than my side of the fence and what my measly 4x zoom could muster. Maybe one day I’ll get to catch a race in person. In the meantime, I’ll imagine the weekend this dude had blazing through the Scandinavian wilderness.