Drift Matsuri or bust!!!

Greg and I will be making the trek to Ebisu for Drift Matsuri Round 2 next month! The details are finally getting sorted out so I thought I’d share what we’ll be driving – or destructing – during our stay. This is the Sil80 that Powervehicles lined up for us. Heaps sick, right? Right?!?!?

The specs say it’s got everything needed for a good time:

* Welded Diff
* Bucket Seat
* Momo Steering Wheel
* Oil Press. and Oil Temp. Meters (Temp. not working)
* Rev Speed Meter
* Half Cage
* Metal Suction Pipe
* Front Mount Intercooler and Piping Kit
* Strut Brace
* S15 Injectors
* ECU Remap
* S14 or S15 Turbo
* Outlet Pipe
* Front Pipe
* S14 Rad
* Aftermarket Exhaust System
* Rear Toe Control Rods (Ikeya formula?)
* Cusco Front Tension Rods
* 16″ Wheels
* Ohlins Coilovers

The ol’ girl survived one matsuri so let’s hope she holds together for another! Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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