Help Japan and Rep at Drift Matsuri!!!

In thinking of ways to give the car some character for Matsuri, we’ve come up with a plan that we couldn’t be more stoked about. We are “selling” spots on the car for your names and stickers in exchange for donations to the Japan Red Cross. Kind of like buying a sponsorship spot on a race car but, instead of supporting the car, 100% of the money will go to the Japan Red Cross!

As most in our segment of the car community know, Ebisu Circuit was directly affected by the March 11th tsunami and earthquake. They suffered damages and then stepped up to help out those displaced by providing food and shelter. While a few months have passed, clean up and rebuilding are still going on throughout the affected areas. Help is always needed – especially when it is no longer in the media spotlight. This is a cool way to show we all care and bring the fundraising effort to them!

Our goal is to raise money for the Japan Red Cross, have fun decorating the Missil80, and make Matsuri more interactive for everyone who donates and follows the coverage from home. We’d like to cover the car front to back with your names and whatever stickers you send us! Stickers can be your blog, company, group/team, funny sayings, images, or any other randomness; whatever it is – make a donation and send them to us!

Here’s how it works:

To have your name written on the car – Make a $1.00 donation and we’ll write whatever name you specify in the Paypal comments box on the car.  (If you want to donate more than $1.00, click the second donate button!)

Click this button to donate $1.00! >>>

To have your sticker put on the car – Make a donation of any amount greater than $1.00, identify what sticker you are sending in the Paypal comment box with your name, and then send your stickers to:

Brickhouse Products
P.O. Box 6724
Lincoln, NE 68506-6724

Click this button to donate any amount! >>>

If you send stickers, we’ll need them by Saturday, August 6th so they can catch the plane to Japan! Help spread the word and repost this (please!)! Let’s raise some money and have some fun!

Cheers! よろしく おねがい します!

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