Events: The Martin Matsuri Exp. – pt. 2

An auction car that will be cannibalized and sent back to Australia as parts to sell.

So the next morning, we power down to town and grab some food from the konbini (convenience store) and get back to the track as it opens. We gut the food and get down to business. We have a full day ahead of us: oil cooler/filter relocation kit, water temperature gauge, attempt to fix Omori oil temp/pressure gauges, replace radiator, mount the intercooler, and maybe some other small issues. Sure enough, 6 hours later we assume we are done. We try to adjust the front alignment before hitting the track only to find out that we were out of adjustment on the tie-rods. Major bummer. We pull out the rack spacers we added and we are solid, but, being nearly the end of the day, we decide to change out our tires and be 100 percent ready for Friday. It was the first time either of us had been on a tire machine in years, but by the time the weekend was out we were well seasoned and were helping others out.

Z32 fuel filter...insanely needed as the other was probably factory.

Spacer mayhem! Super nice Ohlins absorbers. Installed rack spacers...later removed.

Steve tackling the wiring hodge-podgery.

Our inexpensive oil filter relocation.....

And the inexpensive oil cooler setup. Both cooler and relocator worked great. Radiator was replaced and we actually mounted the intercooler as piping was all that held it up before.

Back together and looking sweet again!

Thursday night, Steve’s girlfriend was kind enough to locate us a place to shower and sleep in a private room. This was awesome as I was feeling insanely gross. The place ended up being the most authentically Japanese place I would be in. It was very interesting and very cool. The pictures can do the talking about the room, but the showers were by far the most different to me. Basically, it was a room with one movable shower nozzle and two little stools, some bowls and soap. I am not a communal shower sort of guy but being clean out weighed being gross for the minute. After the shower, you could get in the hot bath, but that thing was melt-flesh-from-bone hot!

Hotel from across the street in the parking area.

Really cool experience to sleep in a hotel like this.

Where I stood in the last picture.

Track time today! Holla! We get to track, load the car, and head to Kura Kura Land (Round and Round Land). As we roll in, it is just us and two other cars which is awesome since I have no idea what right hand drive (RHD) steering/seating is going to be like. Kura Kura is a low speed skid pad where 1st gear is the drug of choice. We both work on transferring weight in figure 8s. Later on that morning Steven starts working on E-brake entries in second gear around the far cones. It was tricky since the course was just barely big enough. We kick it down here for a good while just learning and attempting to elevate our skill or lack there of…haha. Sometime after noon, we head up to Driftland which was the perfect place to learn a line as there is a laid out course to follow but if you miss your line no big deal as the whole thing is paved. The only place to go off course is around the outside. We finished off the day by watching a competition of all the foreigners called the G1GP (Gaijin Grand Prix) followed by booze, BBQ, and Japanese Rock/Paper/Scissor with Team Orange. It is really cool to be in the midst of some of the great Japanese drifters – Naoto Suenaga and General Manager of Ebisu Circuit NOBUSHIGE KUMAKUBO! Good time had by all!

Kura Kura Land. Off the screen to the left there is an embankment followed by large drop. Off to the right is the access road which goes further to Nishi Course.

I did lots of this...hahaha.

I loved the paddock areas that are setup at every track. America take note.

This fella landed on the car we named him Charles and we dressed him in clothes and fed him a sandwich.

Props to the Kenda tires for making it look like we are killing it. I want to find some of these stateside. Actually we are on Kura Kura 1 half the size of Kura Kura Land. We are probably doing all of 25-30 mph and high rpm. So fun!

This car lost at Minami!

Driver placement meeting. Left to right: Alexi, Suenaga, Kumakubo.

Until Next Time…