Event: Trickers Soukoukai – 10/23/2011

Nakamura-san is the “boss” of the Trickers car club/group/team/collective-of-people-who-put-TRICKERS-stickers-on-their-cars and runs a shop of the same name. And despite his intimidating looks, he is a jovial, kind-hearted guy who loves being an ambassador to drifting more than driving itself (it would seem) which is the reason for the event. So it is only appropriate that I start off this post – an open track day aimed at getting all skill levels behind the wheel – with a picture of his car…

…and his equally impressive spares. You may also recall his name from when I had a run in with the wall.

With an intro out of the way, how about some pics of the event and of the others in attendance.

Full paddock...

...and a long queue are signs of a good event.

Clean 180SX looking good on track.

Nakamura-san was giving some instructions to the female driver of this JZX90.

A husband-wife (boyfriend-girlfriend?) team driven C33 Laurel.

Like whoa. This JZX90 really caught my eye for obvious reasons. Start series...

...from the back...

...and on track.

A little MAF repair.

These kids were really good drivers for no bigger than they were.

Part of drifting is looking good...

...this S13 nails it with fresh paint, aero, interior, engine bay, and Buddy Club P1 Forged wheels.

Friends don't let friends take the safe line.

That's the way.

Can't get enough of clean 180's.

Chick owned and driven if the color didn't give that away.

Parking lot cars - one..



Hopefully I’ll be in attendance for upcoming events…only driving!

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