Event: Okinawa Drifting Schedule 2012

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8th – Hiyane Auto Service
22nd – Garage Cartis
28th/29th – Okinawa Motor Festival Rd. 1

12th – Slidewalker
26th – Special

11th – Okinawa Super Drift Tournament
25th – Racing F-Zero

8th – Hiyane Auto Service
22nd – Garage Cartis
28th/29th – Okinawa Motor Festival Rd. 2

13th – PS Racing
27th – Slidewalker

10th – First Body Miyazato
24th – Okinawa Super Drift Tournament

8th – Garage Oga & Auto Parts 7-K
22nd – Trickers
28th/28th – Okinawa Motor Festival Rd. 3

12th – Garage Oga & Auto Parts 7-K
26th – Racing F-Zero

9th – Hiyane Auto Service
23rd – Garage Cartis
28th/29th – Okinawa Motor Festival Rd. 4

14th – PS Racing
28th – Special

10th/11th – Okinawa Super Drift
25th – First Body Miyazato

8th/9th – Okinawa Motor Festival Rd. 5
23rd – Trickers
30th – Last Practice of the Year

21 replies on “Event: Okinawa Drifting Schedule 2012

  • Ashley

    hi, I have no idea if you can help me. I have heard that the event this weekend (april 28th/29th) has been cancelled and is going to be rescheduled. I’ve googled my heart out trying to find anything (how I stumbled across here) and I’m coming up short. Do you know any details?

    • Brickhouse Products

      Sorry, I don’t. You can check the magazines at one of the convenients – Family Mart, Lawson, Coco, etc. Look for Choika(チョイカ – how it’s written on the cover). They are 150en and usually have upcoming events listed (sometimes in an article and sometimes in the advertisements). Good luck!


  • Scott Trujillo

    Thanks for posting this. I just moved here and am dying to go drive! Can anyone tell me where to find info on the bullring or answer some basic questions:
    Where’s it at?
    How much are open days?
    How to register?

    I’ve also googled my heart out on these!

    • Brickhouse Products

      If you are going north on the 58/Expressway into Nago, go east on the 329 and turn left at the stoplights like 5km (or more?) down the road. There will be a quick right, steep uphill entrance through some gates; just follow that up the hill to the top and look for the old guy in a kei-truck. Pay him 3,000 yen, sign your name, write your phone number, and go drive. No registration required unless you are trying to enter a competition. The third Saturday/Sunday of the month is gymkhana practice/competition days so don’t go if you are wanting to drift.

    • Brickhouse Products

      I put some instructions in the comment reply before this one. If you come up the west side, follow those. If you come up the east side, stay on the 329 all the way. It will turn toward Nago but before you make it to Nago you’ll drive turn at the mentioned intersection (stop lights and all) before you hit Nago. If you come on a competition day, you’ll see all the cars lined up on the 329 parked. Just follow the cars/people. Can’t miss it.

  • thingthing62

    So what are the rules against dependents and stuff going here to drive? What about a 16 year old? Ive seen videos of other Teens doing it but i want to know if i would be able to go there, and try out some drifting! Obviously i wouldn’t be able to drive to the course but would i be able to drive on it?

    • Brickhouse Products

      I have no idea about dependents or rules relating to SOFA people since I am not SOFA or anyway associated. You’ll have to ask around. If you can get a ride out there, I don’t think there you’ll have any problems driving but again I’ve never had a reason to inquire. I think the B&M Kids were out there driving at an early age. Best bet is to head up on a non-Exciting Gymkhana weekend and ask the onjiisan in the white kei truck.

        • Brickhouse Products

          Not drifting events. Nago Circuit kind of went to a no drifting policy. They still hold drag racing and gymkhana/autocross events.

          All drifting has switched to Yukari Bokujo (the Bullring). Exciting Gymkhana runs the first and third weekends of the month, and outside of scheduled competitions, it is open to drifting other weekends. Weekdays and national holidays you can go drifting as well; you will just run intermixed if there are people there wanting to do grip runs.

    • Brickhouse Products

      It’s just like a regular open drift day but the Trickers team/shop is “sponsoring” it so their team and friends will be there. The owner of the shop, Nakamura-san, is a real nice guy that speaks a little English and really encourages anyone and everyone to try drifting. If I didn’t have a wedding to go to, I’d for sure be there. Have fun!

    • Brickhouse Products

      I don’t know or haven’t seen anything yet. For the basic outline of the monthly schedule check the newer post I put up about Yukari Bokujo’s schedule. For drifting competitions to spectate or participate, I’ll keep checking Choika (チョイカ, local magazine sold at convenient stores) for event listings.

      If anyone else out there sees a full year schedule, let me know and I’ll get it posted ASAP.