Timeout: Herbie on ‘roids.

I spotted this muscle-car/mafia spec Volkwagen in Prague on my Euro adventure the summer of 2010. I’ve never been one for bugs but this one was pretty rugged – chopped top, flushed out wheels with a bit of meat, limo tint, etc.

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  • gustavo vargas

    hi, its Gustavo from Venezuela. I am working on my volks beetle and i would like to know if you can ngive any type of information for a similiar job.. such as roof chop, any information will be very very helpfull, very beautifull car.

    • Brickhouse Products

      I don’t have any particular information on that car besides those pictures. I saw it in Prague, Czech Republic about 4 years ago. It seems like the pictures have made their way around the internet but there has to be more information out there somewhere. Good luck and let us know if you found out who built it!