Minty Smash: ICE ICE Baby…

So I have been working on the car here and there all the while committing sacrilege to drifters everywhere. I have been adding weight when I should be removing it. Haha.

I started the process of installing a “little” I.C.E. – honestly I can’t believe it myself. I have been anti weight for so long, but yet I have retained my interior too. *sagging head in shame*

The list so far:

The head unit is an Alpine IVA-D900. It’ll do damn near everything but pour me coffee. DVD, Navi (if hooked up to one), cd, mp3, ipod usb, etc. It comes with a head unit like I am used to, but it also comes with a straight up brain box that is effing huge and needs to find a place to hide. I am looking forward to setting it up. *eye rolling*

Amp will be a Planet Audio PX1500M. It was inexpensive and produces a quoted 450w at 4 ohms which should be perfect for the piece-de-resistance…

The sub will be a single voice coil MTX 7000 that I purchased new in 2002! I am on my way to old…haha. This thing did alright back then and it worked for my brother a couple years ago. Assuming the glue inside isn’t crusty, I will be set.

Future plan is to expand the surround speakers to units that can handle 75w rms so they can be powered by my Planet Audio 4 channel amp. Currently I have random Pioneer units that do ok.

This time I didn’t want to skimp on the install. I felt I had done that on my pickup back in ’02 with a heavy, heavy MDF ported box. This time I wanted to go all out and build a fiberglass enclosure. This is also the weight saver in me saying “don’t add any more weight than you need to to get stuff in the car.” So aside from a mounting ring for the sub, everything will be fiberglass. Picture time!

Possible top for the unit if my fiberglass ambitions fall out.

My mould, using my rear seat and the MDF top covered in foil and tape.

Laid up and curing.