The Chaser is gone. The Magilla Gorilla build is done. While it didn’t end up where my daydreams envisioned, it was the right move to change directions going forward.

I’m thrilled to have new a project. A clean slate on familiar territory. The goal setting out was to find the anti-Chaser: something cheap, cheap to maintain, with cheap and easy to come-by parts, easy on gas, clean, few modifications, and lots of potential for fun. With the Chaser, I always felt behind the eightball – constantly fixing problems or upgrading OEM shortcomings to make it driftable and reliable. It was a heavy tank with expensive parts and needed constant attention. I was over it.

I made my options for a new driftsled pretty narrow; basically anything S13 or S14. Cheap cars with endless cheap parts. Finding an unabused one would be the challenge.

I looked at countless cars online. Each displaying an easy to read history of drift damage, crappy mods, or rust. One S13 Silvia popped up on the local classifieds. It looked clean but I wasn’t ready to buy. It disappeared. Looking at more, I realized the S13 might have been what I was after. A decent deal on a S14 came up, I made plans to look at it. Then the S13 was back. I hopped on it and arranged to check it out Friday and then the S14 on Saturday.

The S13 was clean and basic. Only a couple owners and shipped down from mainland a couple years prior. It was good. Garage kept by a family guy who didn’t have time for it. To be fair and get perspective, I followed through with plans to look at the S14. It was nice and had a slew of good parts, but it wasn’t “clean” and felt way too much like another Chaser-type situation. I passed on the 14 and made an offer on the 13.

And here we are. The new object of my affection acquired. A 1992 Nissan Silvia Q’s.

Pre-purchase picture. Apart from the clear corners, all stock body.

Pre-purchase picture. No e-brake button? Jackpot. Good signs of an easy life.

Pre-purchase picture. 4-1 header and the rest OEM.