Silvia: Entertainment Clean-up

How the night started.

This rats nest of wires at the passenger’s feet and a non-working antenna were a couple of the motivators for the clean-up.

Started by popping the shifter trim and was surprised to find a hose attached to the backside.

I think it’s like a temp sensor or something for the DCC setup?! There was a bunch of lint in it that I cleaned out as well.

The two-sided tape on the dash mounted TV monitor was coming off pretty good…and then FUCK. There was like glue or something on the back half.

The aftermath. At least it’s not noticeable. ERRRR!

I swapped the CD decks to see if the antenna problem was internal and while it was out I put in a new “self-propelled” sliding coin tray.

It did that all on it’s own. It also has a sliding top cup holder.

Footwell cleared out. Big victory. And the antenna works.

Because Japan.

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