Silvia: No more wing.

Before. Wing. Hate it.

You’ve heard of a garage paintjob, but, when you don’t have a garage, what are you to do? Balcony paintjob!

Nice, straight wingless trunk.

Underside prep.

Scuffed area that will be seen with the undercover on.

Masked and ready to spray.


You can see at this point, I kind of cheated and moved to ground level to get out of the wind and rain. Painting in the rain isn’t ideal by any means but it’s out of a spray can and it’s rainy season. Kind of just have to say heck with it and work with what you got when you have the time.


Another angle.

Underside asked to spray outside.

The upside to doing a spray-can paintjob while living in Japan is that you can go down to the home improvement store or car accessory store and pick up your factory color code right off the shelf. This is JW0 – pear white. No guessing what will be a close match. Look at your VIN plate for the color code and buy what you need. And this 20 year old car still had it’s color code stocked.

The overlapped area when spraying the outside to hide the “hardline.”

After. No wing. Love it.

I didn’t take any pictures while painting the top side. Same process. I was more focused on it coming out well since it’s visible. Overall, it came out real nice; however, you can see the color match is a bit off. It’s hard to go from black to white. Looks good enough for a drift car.

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  • Karla

    Steven you are such a hoot. You make do and get the job done, you clever boy. One of these days you will have your own garage packed with all kinds of project cars.