Timeout: Hiace Lifestyle

Pretty much the most famous temple in Japan – Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto.

I just got back from quick vacation in the Kansai area of Japan making stops in Kyoto, Osaka, and Suzuka. I snapped some randomness that I’ll be putting up on the blog, but I wanted to start with the one thing that I immediately noticed – the presence of modified Toyota Hiace vans. They were everywhere. The standard, boring, work duty variant could be seen around any corner, but the much more interesting lowered-on-fat-rubber-style family van variant was truly a unique look. This one I spotted in the picturesque parking area for Ise Jingu really summed up what the popular Hiace “tuning” style was all about.

Built to haul a family while looking cool…well that last part is up for debate.

Do those tires say NASCAR?

It’s a Hiace, baby.

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