Minty Smash: Moving the office up a floor


^Deschane doing what he does best: F*ckin’ Sh!t Hard.

I have been a fan of MotoIQ the past year and have read and believe a lot of what Mike Kojima has to say about Functionally Low. This led me to raise Minty up 1 inch in the rear and 5/8 inch in the front. This has made the lower control arms on all corners level at ride height which in turn made all the arms more parallel to each other.  This should mean all the arms,not just LCAs, should all follow a more similar arc path which should give me more predictability due to  less bumpsteer.

I also have started the swap from 215/40r17 over to 215/45r17. The 215/45 is 1/2 inch shorter than stock wheel/tire height, and a full 1 inch taller than the 215/40s.

New alignment is -3 degrees camber all the way around, 6.5 degrees castor up front, and toe is zero all the way around. I wanted a basic setup. This is because I am a beginner and I want to work out my coilover adjustment and technique right now.  I know I want to get more negative camber and caster up front in the future, but this is a good start.

Until next time.