Timeout/Shops: Hot Road

Everyone knows about UpGarage and all their used parts selling glory, but there are lesser known used parts dealers out there as well. We stumbled across this Hot Road store in Suzuka. After driving buy, I realized it warranted a closer look so, after going around the block through typical, unnervingly narrow Japanese residential streets, we parked and I got giddy in anticipation.

The parking lot was looking promising with this JZX90 Mark II chilling a couple stalls away…

…from this beautiful NSX. (Ha! Got you covered NSX fans!).

Inside we found old school dish and a bunch of other goodies. They had a neat little retro section.

They even had some dish for the Honda guys. These things are crazy rare, right? What are they?

And they had A LOT of tires! I was busy looking at this and that so I didn’t snap too many pics. This was pretty much it; however, I didn’t leave empty handed. More on that in an upcoming Silvia update.