Brickhouse: Base of Operation Changes.

Up at 3am, not leaving town until 6am…farts.

Brickhouse Products has a new home as of July 4th 2012. From now on, we will be coming to you from Okinawa, Japan and now Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Moving was a task but there was a cherry on top of it all. I would get to spend some quality time in the driver’s seat of Minty.

I have neglected my poor auto for the past few months to render my home livable and salable. I was particularly interested to see how Minty would do hauling a fair amount of stuff, see how my knuckles would fair (see future posts!), and see if cooling would be and issue with the new e-fans.

Minty was able to chirp the tires even fully loaded and with only 10psi (normal is 15psi). I will say the exhaust would have liked to melt a hole in my foot but, other than that and a lack of a/c, the trip from Lincoln, NE, to Bartlesville, OK, was no frills.

No A/C = windows down.
Windows down = awesome tans!

The e-fans worked amazing with the temperature only rising from 180 to 186 when the heat really started to increase.

Center is water temp holding steady

As for the knuckles, I will be getting under the car in the next day or two to inspect for any failures in structure. Though the steering effort required was increased, it was not to a point that I cared. Like mentioned above, more on the knuckles later!

Driven by this place a couple times now…read the slogan…the observe exterior…hahaha


The old Sante Fe train depot at night just before Bartlesville’s firework show.

Lincoln has been good to us, but here’s to what’s next in Bartlesville!

Until next time.