Silvia: Papercraft

To have the imagination of a kid again! One of my 5th graders loves cars and in particular loves Silvias. Imagine his excitement when he found out I had a Silvia. While S15’s are his favorite, he was still pretty excited when I brought my S13 for him to check out. These wonderful papercraft creations were the result of that. When he gave them to me, I was absolutely blown away – they are awesome and have cool details. Checkout the tape windshield.

One papercraft S13 Silvia (hence 13 on the hood) complete with garage. The roof of the car says シルビア (shirubia) which is how you write Silvia in Japanese. The side of the garage says マイ カー (mai kaa) which is one of the oddities of Japanese English. They adopted “my” (mai) which takes on the connotation of “your” when used in the Japanese English sense. People will ask you if you have your own golf clubs, “Do you have my clubs?” The grocery store cashier will ask you if you have my bag (bringing your own reusable grocery bag is big here; plastic bags are 3 yen each). To a native English speaker, it always jumps out and makes you chuckle as you think, “No, I don’t have your ______.”

On the other side, the garage says スティーブン ガレージ (Sutiibun gareeji) or Steven Garage. If your sounding out the words correctly (here and above), you’ll notice they mimic/are a close approximation of English because the words were adopted from English straight into the Japanese vocabulary. That is my name in Japanese written in katakana.

It’s been a long day, time to park the whip in its garage.

Ready to ride another day.

Seriously, how awesome is that!?! I absolutely love it.