Timeout: Old, rusty, four door Nissans.

I love spotting old cars. They are cool to look at and fun to think about looking cool. Make sense? This Nissan Laurel(?) is a prime example of a Japanese yard car – neglected, out of its prime, and slowly succumbing to the orange stuff. At least it’s still rocking Hayashi Streets!

This old Nissan Stanza still had some fight left in it as it was for sale. It’s got a cool TE72 Toyota Corolla vibe. A bit lower on wider mesh then cruise it hard.

The rare of the rare, creme de la creme old Japanese four door find is this Nissan Skyline (chassis code?). I’m not sure the status of this things existence. I spotted it over a year ago and went back recently – when I figured out where it was – to see if it was there. Sure enough there it sat…but it looked like it hadn’t moved. A full restore and the same treatment as above and it would be an awesome cruiser.

Man I want an old car.

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