Silvia: Box o’ Goodies

What have we here?

I bought a bunch of random small parts and had them shipped to Greg’s house. He then bundled them all together and shipped them to me.

Lots of parts.

List of fun stuff:
-front braided conversion brake lines
-rear braided brake lines
-Walbro fuel pump
-S14 front ball joints
-Z32 fuel filter
-Energy Suspension rack bushings
-drift knob button
-Attain Solid Shifter w/knob
-36mm 1/2″ drive socket
-water temp sensor hose adapter
-subframe collars
-Uras E-brake Seahorses
-Stance solid steering linkage bushing
-Circuit Sports exhaust hanger bushings

Japan is cheap when it comes to bigger, expensive JDM parts but, with this small stuff, buying in America is cheaper even with overseas shipping included (not to mention easier). Just have to keep the items small.

With a box full of goodies, there lots of tinkering on the horizon. Yay!

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