Event: RX-8 Spirits Forever

Like the sign says.

While at Suzuka Circuit, actually prior to parking, I noticed a lot of RX-8s pulling in to a small access gate. Not knowing where we were going, but knowing I wanted to see the cars, we tried to follow, got denied entrance, and told it was a special entrance for a car meet. Our rental car Honda Fit was not part of the show. Judging by what I was seeing, there was a lot of RX-8 somewhere on Suzuka Ciruit grounds.

Some perspective.

After doing the stuff I talked about in the last post, we went on a bit of an adventure. Not knowing really where we were going or if we were allowed to be there, when we found it under the bridge, around the corner, and down the hill, I got the feeling nobody really minded out joining. Car guys like to show off their cars, that’s what this get together was all about, and I was a googly-eyed foreigner with a camera; we were okay to go.

One of my faves. This looks fast around the track.

Love the wing placement. And although I don’t like black wheels, they work. (Actually, they Advan. Haha. Crack myself up).

Admittedly, I know much of nothing about RX-8s. I’ll expound all I know now: nicely balanced chassis; good at autocross; underpowered; finicky engines; look pretty cool. I don’t even know the chassis code – SE3P? Anyway, bare with the crude commentary that will take on that of a girl assessing a car – “it’s shiny,” “it’s a pretty color,” etc.

Pretty extreme fender situation going on with this one.

The [Insert Brand Name Here] carbon hood is likely a desired part in USDM crowds.

Itasha spec was even represented.

Another one being cute.

Simple always wins; especially on RX-8s. I think this is Mazdaspeed aero.

Nice ride height and nice fitting wheels complete the look.

Another one for the category of “I’d proudly drive to work everyday…when the engine’s not broken.” I kid. I kid.

Loud color but pulling off the look.

I wonder if the three spoke Advan wheels are a play on the trianglular rotor shape?

You could even get your picture taken with this car and the driver.

Or the car and the cardboard cutout.

In the back there was this shakotan/hellaflush/stancenation looking one that stood out for the rest. Carbon vinyl roof was cool too.

It breaks for the stylings of those around it but it works just as well. Testament to RX8s being good looking cars.

Can’t say I hate it or like it. It’s interesting.

This one looks racer-ish.

That color is popping!

Widebody? Aggressive looking car.

Rows and rows of RX-8s.

Regardless of how little I know about the cars on display that day, it was still cool to experience one of these big “one make” meets that are so popular in Japan. After all, cars are cars.