Guest Spot: First look at a “Sh!tty JZX83.”

Did that come stock in there?

Our buddy, Derek, sent us a few pictures of the car he’s been putting together. The email was titled “Shitty JZX83” but, as you can tell from the pictures, that is just modesty playing it’s role. From the email title, you could also gather a bit more information about the car which is a MX83 Toyota Cressida with a 1JZ engine swap. Looking at the picture above, it’s hard to tell much aftermarket is going on. Besides the shinny Skyline GT-R intercooler – chosen for the cool end-tank design – up front and the pod air filter in the bay, everything looks OEM. Black piping and black couplers aiding in the subtle look. Perfect.

Watch your shins walking around the rear!

The outside of the car is equally subdued starting with a clean car as a base and focusing on suspension and wheel fitment. The long straight pipe being the only hint that there’s something more to the car. The wheels themselves deserve some attention…

This is what maxing out a Cressida’s wheel well looks like.

…which really fill out the fenders and are snugly fit at the current height. For those without keen eyes trained in the ways of JDM, they are Riverside MAE’s not SSR Vienna’s.


Sizing is a bit of a shocker as well since Toyota has somewhat of a reputation for not fitting low offset wheels well. These things are s-chassis fitment at 18×9.5 +24 w/25mm spacer in the front and 18×10.5 +11 in the rear, 225/35 and 225/40 respectively! Seriously aggressive fitment!

The all telling “looking down the car” shot.

With it’s low slung stance, cool wheels, 1JZ power, clean body, full interior, AND air conditioning; this thing is on pace to be the perfect street drifter. Well done, homie.

These were just a few “current state of the car” pics and barely scratch the surface of what it took to put it together. And before anyone gets worried, Derek, who has been building this car in a somewhat low-key manner, was cool with posting this up as a teaser and will be following up with the the full specs and the “finished” shots. Can’t wait! Thanks, dude!

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