Minty Smash: Mystery Nissan E-Fan Install

There is enough room for me to redo my blow off valve piping, intercooler piping, radiator/intercooler setup and get back my a/c…hmmmmmm.

The fans are a mystery as I purchased Infinity G20 fans of ebay, but what I got looks more like Altima or Maxima. I would file this into “How To” but it was done is such a rush I don’t have pictures of the wiring.

I installed electric fans before I left Lincoln and it was a very straight forward process all around. Trim, test fit, trim, test fit, make bracket for lower leg, fit, wire, turn fans on/off. I used a Hayden 3647 electric fan controller to run both fans on high. You have to wire in a second relay for the other fan. I am very happy with how cool my car stays, but it is a large draw to have both fans come on at once on high.

Keep watching as Steve will be using Hayden’s newer dual fan controller that can control two fans and retain the high and low fan option. Depending how he likes it I may be getting a new controller.

It looks messy as it was a rush deal. There is an inline fuse, the temp unit and relay for one fan. We then tapped another relay into the temp relays trigger power to turn on the other fan. By we, I mean Deschane and his wiring prowess.