Silvia: Sabidome.

Stop it before it really takes off!

I live literally a stones throw from the sea so after typhoons and strong winds a thin film of salty residue covers everything. This is bad news for cars. The amount of rusty metal on Okinawa is mind blowing. The Silvia was in remarkably great condition when I bought it, so, not wanting it to fall victim to the elements, I made doing some sabidome, or rust prevention, a priority.

One fender off…

My original plan was to pull the plastic fender liners and have a look around in the wheel wells to see how things looked. Once I had one fender off, it was really just a few more bolts before…

…and soon the whole frontend was too!

…everything was a apart. It wasn’t the plan but it felt good to take a look at everything and do a really thorough job. So with the frontend removed, I set about masking things off in preparation for undercoating.


I covered anything I didn’t want sprayed or oversprayed.

After a thorough undercoating.

This picture was after a night of it setting up/curing/hardening. Since it is spray on rubber/tar stuff, it is super sticky and messy. It’s best to let it settle before reassembling

Surface rust in spare tire well.

The back of the car got some love as well. The spare tire well had some surface rust due to a leaky trunk lid which you saw I replaced with a spoiler-less trunk in a previous post. First thing was to sand down the rust for sealing.

Masked and sprayed.

I outlined the tire well edge with paper and undercoated it as well.


It’s a bit time consuming and doesn’t yield any performance gains, but it’s a nice feeling to know the car is more protected and not rusting away beneath you. And besides, if your 20 year old car has made it this long, you owe it a bit of TLC.