Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 5.

I don’t know how I got so behind schedule in writing this but sometimes life gets busy! Here’s the final chapter in the engine swap.

DAY 5 – Sunday 8/19

We started again early in the morning with hope in our hearts. We had a tool that would break that stubborn nut on the mount. After about five minutes, it became apparent that the tool was money wasted. The nut was just deforming. A session of dirt kicking later, it dawned on me (not sure why it took this long) that I could pull the subframe, carry it to my apartment, and use my angle grinder to cut the nut off. And so it was done.

One hurdle down, we continued prepping the engine to drop in – reinstalling the clutch, installing the motor mounts, installing the oil block, and tidying up odds and ends.

We got the subframe back up and the steering lines hooked up. I had to grind some relief for the transmission mount bolts and reshape some washers in order to get a snug fit. (I picked up these mounts from a local fabricator who makes some real awesome stuff. He made the motor and trans mounts and the oil block.) After I couldn’t think of anything else to do, it was time to drop the engine in.

We worked out a plan that tapped all our chess and Tetris skills to plan a way to leapfrog from one sheet of plywood to the next while moving the engine from the back of the car to the front and lining it up to drop it in. After many small up and down readjustments, we got everything to set in place.