Minty Smash: Event Lead Up

I, like Steve, have been side tracked lately. This entry is from the two weeks leading up to the 10/6/12 KC Drift Event.

As with the lead up to all events Minty got more attention than usual. Basically this is the first work I have done on it since I did the e-fans in, hmmm, May. My overall goal was to address some more of the small sorting issues that modded cars always have crop up. The list went something like:

-Change motor and trans oil
-Change steering wheel to 350mm Nardi
-Extend intake tubing
-Make air filter box
-Add powersteering cooler
-Bleed Powersteering system
-Ducting to inter cooler, radiator, oil cooler, and powersteering cooler
-Relocate steering rack forward in subframe
-Remove existing brakes
-Add Z32 brakes including drum ebrake

That last one wasn’t really a small undertaking at all but due to there being many write ups on it no real surprises were in store.

Starting with ducting, I used Chloroplast which is the corrugated plastic used to make those cheap, white with black or red lettering “for sale” signs with the wire legs and frame. I was never all that keen on making my ducting of aluminum because in a hit it will just shoot through the overlying substrate aka your front bumper. The other upside is the cost of Chloroplast. My local sign shop sells a 4×8 sheet for fifteen dollars. I dare not think what Aluminum would have cost me. Then there is the workability. I cut everything with a utility knife and straight edge or steady hand. Aluminum…riiight. Also it comes is a wide variety of colors. Off the soap box and on with pictures.


Basic tools,

Almost there. I added a few small piece to areas that were too hard to get it one big piece. It is all held together and in place with zip ties.

Next up, z32 brakes. Fronts are seriously easy. Rears would have been easier but I included the parking drum brakes and parking cables. Make sure you get e-brake cables for the 2+2. I have had my setup in a closet for the past 9 years and had moved with me 10+ times!! lol. About time I get it on car. Reason I say this is because when I started collecting parts, it was unknown about the 2+2 cable so I had bought just regular z32 cables. While they do fit and work just fine with just the right routing. The 2+2 cables make for a cleaner, hassle free install.

The “whoa power” of these brakes in a straight line is literally sicking. My brother and I were out bedding the brake pads and it messed with our inner ear so much it makes you feel nauseous. And we aren’t talking good pads and rotors either. These were the cheapest Rock Auto had!

Happy Z brakes!

Fronts. Again black.

Stock rear setup…

z32 rear setup. Much larger rotor.

The S13 steering rack relocation was pretty straight forward. The pain of it was getting the factory welds cut or ground off for notching and re install. All in all it makes a HUGE difference. Really looking forward to making a set of zero ackerman knuckles now.

Bringing it home is the power steering cooler, passenger side fender brace, air intake pipe extension and new/used 350mm Nardi Steering wheel.

This is an old z32 oil cooler.

Passenger fender brace really helps keep the fender out of my front tire on entries.

Intake pipe extension. Air filter is in a Chloroplast air box in front of tire. The whole setup works great. I can now let throttle fall from any rev and not have the motor die. Truly amazing what 7-9 more inches of pipe can do.

Steve brought this back with him. Make the steering feel like normal with the cut knuckles. When it came it was bare foam core. I got some tennis racket wrap and wrapped it which is working for now.

Next up is the event segment of this post..

’til next time…