First off a big shout out to Rob Sheppard and the KCDrift crew for putting on a another fantastic event. My only regret is I couldn’t make it to more this year. These events are so fun due to their truly grassroots atmosphere. All enthusiast run and an awesome place to learn to drift with no pressure. And TONS of seat time at a low low price.

Steve and I started the day with the 3.5 hour trip from Bartlesville to Topeka. It went good with zero surprises. Though we both must be getting old because we both thought it wasn’t much fun to drive Minty that far. Too loud. Too harsh. Too much vibrating. Haha.

Once setup and ready to go. Steve went out and barely had a go in the “figure 8 box”. Upon returning, we were through half of the new rears I had just put on! Shit! Kicking myself for not buying more tires aside, we went right away to zeroing the camber in the rear. That did the trick as the tires wore evenly the rest of the day. All the work prior to the event was worth it. The extended intake pipe kept the turbo from screwing with the MAF which meant I could let the motor fall from 5-6 grand and it wouldn’t die. The Z brakes also held up to their reputation and really added some whoa-power, to the point of sickening. The powersteering oil boiled over but just a tad would come out of the cap thanks to the new cooler. The ducting worked great as we could not get the water temp to operating temperature even with blocking off the oil cooler and half the radiator. Also, for the first time, I got to see what my knuckles could really do thanks to the relocated rack. Simply amazing. I will be the first to admit I don’t need that much angle yet as I only used it a couple times, but when I did, the angle went on for days!

By far the best part of the event was having so much family there to share it with.

Great photobomb by Greg.

Steve’s impressions (Steve writing). The event was a blast! Met lots of cool people and got to hang out with my brother and family. As Greg said, the car ran great and felt like a beast! Completely different than how I remember the engine from when it was in my car and way fewer problems than the last event Greg took it too. And third gear is a blast!

The Brickhouse Knuckles were the true highlight! Greg really outdid himself! It was my first time on knuckles and it makes you giggle like a little kid. You throw it hard, stand on the gas, and just keep dialing in more angle. No hitting lock and spinning. You just keep going and going. Haha. I can’t wait for Greg to do up Version 2 to run them in my Silvia!

With all the praise for how Minty performed on the track in its newly refined state, it might come as a surprise that not but a week after the event the engine bay was empty. The KA24DET is out making room for something newer…bigger…with less boost…