Silvia: I can see the finish line.


With a few hours here and a few hours there, things are really coming together. I got the oil filter relocation mounted, hoses ran, and the cooler mounted. However, I noticed a drip from the lower fitting on the cooler at a rate of one drip every four seconds. I was using a 90 degree elbow for clearance so not seeing oil leaking from the line or cooler itself, I decided to swap in the other 90 I had thinking it was a faulty piece.


Well it was indeed a faulty piece and so was the second one! Turns out they were both leaking from the swivel joint where the blue meets the red portion of the fitting. I found this out by plugging one end with my finger and blowing in the other. Air was seeping out.


I did the free and easy fix of removing the 90 which then necessitated moving the cooler a little to the passenger side for clearance on the lower hose. All mounted up, it actually fits better and is simpler. Simple is good!


Next item was to swap out valve covers. I had cleaned this one up, painted it, and got a bit artsy trying out a splatter paint job. As my luck would have it, shortly after installing it, a coilpack bolt snapped off in the cover while I was REMOVING it. What luck.


JDM prices being what they are I ended up buying a new valve cover since the cost of the easy out tool was more than cover! I also got a coilpack cover out of the deal. Much preferring to spend my time driving (or getting closer to it) I just slapped the cover on. No fancy paint job this time around and it is even disguising the engine’s redtopness.

And seeing as things were coming together for the last time, I put the fan shroud and Koyo radiator in. A nice extra bit of bling (and cooling security) and the shroud really cleans it up (by covering it up).

I got it back together to bleed the coolant system and found a coolant leak tucked up inside the intake manifold. If it’s not one thing, it’s ten others.