2006 VK56DE fresh out the wrecker.

That’s right we bought a VK56DE!

If you caught the teaser in the last post, here is the answer. Things are moving full steam ahead in getting the VK56 fitted in the engine bay. Parts are being bought, new items are being made, and tools (really cool ones!) are filling the garage! We’re fitting a VK, but expanding our capabilities as a shop!

We drafted up a prioritized list of what it would take to fit the engine, and first things first, we needed a trans solution, location in the engine bay, and engine and trans mounts. So that gives you an idea of what’s to come. That and associated complications and solutions to fitting such a large engine in a s-chassis!

Who knows, you might find a swap kit available before long!

2 replies on “We bought a VK.

  • Derek

    wonder whats the progress on the vk56 swap into the s13 i just bought one and wondering if you guys have ran into any huge problems?

    • Brickhouse Products

      There are issues no matter which way you wanna slice it. It is a matter of minimizing the fitment issues. An update will be coming in the near future. Work has taken over for a bit so progress slowed.

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