Silvia: Intercooler Fitting


I had fitted up the intercooler a few times, but when I finally got around to putting on the headlight brackets, headlights, and front bumper, I realized some changes were needed. First up, I needed to lower the core to clear the headlights and headlight brackets.


The next hurdle was fitting a new 90 off the intercooler as the Trust piece was too short. For the record, the core is a GReddy mystery core that has the same dimensions as the one it replaces but mounting tabs for an unknown car.


Here were my options.


The old intercooler took the brunt of a front impact so the core was junk. The cold pipe was slightly tweaked in the accident so it also necessitated a longer 90 piece.


And here’s what I ended up with.


With the intercooler’s new position and some (a lot) of trimming to the front bumper, the front end fit up easy peasy lemon squeezy.