Silvia: Finishing Touches

After a test drive proved it was running and driving well, there were a few items I needed/wanted to get done before hitting the track.

First up was sorting out my Defi gauges so I could keep an eye on everything. After messing with some cheap clip-on wire splicers and having trouble (no power), I re-wired everything correctly and they worked first try. Shows what I get for trying to take the easy way out.

The engine came with an HKS actuator on the T25 but not knowing what it was set at made me wary of pushing the car too hard without a boost gauge. With the gauge hooked up, I could see the car was boosting well beyond 1 bar! Yikes! During test pulls, I would only take it to 1 bar and had to lengthen the actuator arm A LOT to reduce boost to a safe .75 bar. Whew! The more you know.

Next the exhaust manifold needed a heat shield. I bought a 200x300mm sheet of .5mm stainless from Makeman and a couple allen head bolts. About twenty minutes of trimming, bending, and drilling later, it was done and looking pretty sweet if I say so myself.



Also at Makeman were these threaded clips. They fit as perfect replacements for the clips that the front bumper turn signals screw into. Rust had gotten the better of the stock ones so they needed replaced.


The car then got some much needed fresh ハイオク (haioku i.e. high octane i.e. premium gas) from my favorite (and the cheapest I know of) gas station and it was running even better.


And finally, I gave it a proper wash really spraying the heck out of the underside to clean off the sea mist and typhoon grime that accumulated during the downtime.


You can also see the Trust DD exhaust that went on during the swap. It has a muffler built-in and has a resonated cat-delete as well. It makes for a nice deep grumble without the high pitch wail fence pipes usually make. I’m also pretty stoked on how they look – polished twin 85mm tips poking out. I wanted a new exhaust type this time a round and am giddy to have one that I’ve wanted for such a long time.