Silvia: What’s the diff?


A long time ago, I posted a modlist for the Silvia stating it had an unknown differential in it. Shimmed stock LSD? Aftermarket something or other? I had no way of knowing but there was a way to find out.




I popped open the diff (another “it’s Christmas what’s in the box” feeling) and was happy to find a Cusco RS LSD in 2-way orientation with a 4.1 ring gear. That would explain the bossness with which it locks up without the typical CLUNG CLUNG CLUNG of other aftermarket diffs.

While I had the rear in the air, I took the opportunity to put in the rear subframe spacers Greg had sent over in the box o’ goodies. A simple, small mod that makes a big difference tightening things up.




Now thinking about it, I should really update the modlist.