Event/Schedule: Yukari Bokujou Schedule 2013 / ゆかり牧場の2013年度予定


While I haven’t seen an actual 2013 schedule for drifting events and competitions (I’ll update when I do; send me a link or pics if you have them!), I thought it would be nice to layout the general schedule for driving – grip and drifting – at Yukari Bokujo (aka The Bullring) since I’ve gotten a fair number of inquiries about when the track is open, where it is, etc.

The first and third weekends of the month are reserved for Exciting Gymkhana. (More details on Exciting Gymkhana on their website here.) The second and fourth (and fifth where applicable) weekends of each month are open for drifting. Monday through Friday and Japanese national holidays are open to either driving style, drivers will just share the track (interchanging heats or run groups). Open track time runs from 12-4pm. The gate to the track will be shut at 4pm but it is common courtesy to clean up and be ready to head home by 4:00. I can’t speak for the Exciting Gymkhana days, but for open track days or a team’s/shop’s sponsored open drift day, there is an older Japanese guy in a white kei truck that collects your money (3,000 yen) and writes down your license plate and will ask you to write your name and phone number.

A map can be found here or you can plug the following address into Google: 240 Futami Nago, Okinawa Prefecture 905-2269, Japan.

That’s all there is to it. This is written from the perspective of a drifter so please look into the Exciting Gymkhana details for yourself. Holler with questions and go out and have some fun!


地図を見たら、こちらクリックしてください。住所は〒905-2269 沖縄県名護市字二見240です。