VK56: Get “it” in.


I have been diligent in my picture taking but as usual less diligent in my postings. As you can see the motor is home and on a stand.

Steve made his visit shortly before the motor arrived and there was much discussion on how to crack the proverbial VK56 egg.

First, we thought about getting my s14 shell and testing fit and finish in that. This plan was nixed two fold. One the chassis was and still is in Nebraska, 6.5 hours and 300 dollars in fuel away. Second, I didn’t have garage space for it and Minty due to my wife finally getting a newer car which I refused to leave outside for Oklahoma weather to hail on.

Next, it was proposed we purchase a straight chassis close to me here in Bartlesville, OK. I was only willing to go with a S13 chassis if this road was to be traveled. Why only s13? Well, if the VK56 fits in an s13, you bet damn well it will fit in a S14 with the same mounts and just a driveshaft length change. Due to a general lack of s13 chassis’ for sale in the area this plan was also squashed.

The final plan which I was not keen on pursuing was the disembowelment of my currently funky fresh, solid running Minty. At this point, it takes quite possibly less than a genius to figure out which plan got the nod. FML.

The aftermath.


The silver lining is the oil leaks on the ka will finally get taken care of with it out of the engine bay. It currently leaks around the oil pan gasket, seeps around the oil block off -an fittings, and possibly a rear main seal leak. Then it can go back home it Minty.

Reinstall?! The ka?! You bet your ass! I have so much more ambition for this motor. 400hp? Gt35r? 1000cc injectors? Meth injection? More tuning? And so on!



‘Til next time…