As with all VK builds space is a premium and solutions must be found. My goals are to keep the engine low in the bay, clear the brake booster, keep a/c, and keep stock shift location. Let’s see how I did.


Shifter linkage still needs modified but the location should be the same and workable.

Keeping a/c was a snap. It is the p/s I have fitment issues with. Most people remove the a/c pump and place p/s there, or they run the electric p/s pump from a Toyota.


The p/s pulley is about 5-6 inches across, so it contacts the area just below the battery after you remove the batter tray. I am going to address this later but I have a decent fix…I think.

Getting the engine lower is a pain as it is going to take an oil pan rebuild. I cut some of the pan away to fit and see what I need to do.



I still don’t have a plan on the booster. I have looked at booster-less Wilwood setups but I am not fully sold yet.

A new tool has been added to the shop but that will have to wait-

‘Til next time…