Silvia: Swapping Seahorses


After the engine swap, the e-brake never worked the same. It has zero to do with the engine swap itself and everything to do with how long the car sat while the swap was going on. Like two months or so of no use. This resulted in the rotors rusting which reduced stopping power when the handle was pulled. It wasn’t too bad initially but it was getting worse the more I used it.


I pulled my URAS ebrake seahorses of my shelf of goodies hoping the increased leverage would help performance.


Increased leverage by means of increasing the length of the seahorse.


And here’s just how much longer they are.


Pulling the driver rear caliper for install, I noticed the outer pad was down to the backing plate. That would explain the decreasing performance. Good and bad news. A problem with an easy solution. I pulled the spare half used teal green pads ( I can only hope Project mu) off the shelf and installed them on both sides.

With everything back together, I went for a test drive. Nothing. It was easier to pull the handle but the e-brake had become worse! With the longer seahorse, it takes more travel to get lockup. This means you need to shorten the cable to take any slack out of the system. With it tightened all the way, I test drove it again and it was still terrible with no lockup above like 15km/h. So much for upgrades always making things better. That’s how I left it.


The weather was nice and I had tires so I went to Yukari Bokujo anyway and figured I’d just practice driving with no e-brake. A good skill to develop. And so I did, as you can see from the spent tires above, but I kept it limited to 2nd gear since I didn’t have an e-brake to help save me on stray runs when entering in third. And a quick vid of nothing all too exciting. The manji entry is fun.