I was pretty boned up to get a CNC mill for awhile, but before I got a mill I figured I would need to be able to draw the items I want to make in a program, and transfer them from a CAD to CAM program. Well I can successfully say I can make a flange. I was able to make them to scale and print them in scale and so forth which was awesome. I started with the exhaust flange which I have reworked 3 times now. The intake flange was also multiple reworks, and the oil pan is still getting made/tweaked. Each flange will no doubt need final tweaks after I get a version cut. This process took me 4-5 weeks just doing it here and there, no real commitment. Next I need to do a VK motor-to-350z trans adapter plate, followed by motor mount pieces, trans mount pieces, throttle body flange, valve cover flanges, intake trumpets, etc. The sky is the limit with a mill or lathe. You just have to be able to think it!

Alas, still no mill. *sad face*


Sometimes a crayon and some paper is all you need to get started.


The oil pan flange is by far the most difficult. Nothing is symmetrical.


Intake flange. This is just before the final clean up of extra lines.


Artsy Exhaust flange, also heavy.


Utilitarian exhaust flange, also lighter with the ability to be cut to individual runner for easier installation.

‘Til next time.