Silvia: Yukari Bokujo’s Swan Song

A few things needed addressing after the last track day. Firstly, I needed to get my e-brake back. I pulled the URAS Seahorses out and put the stock ones back in. That coupled with a tightened down cable and the fresher pads had it locking up as good as ever.

Next up was basic maintenance. The transmission and diff gear oil had about six track days on them and the engine oil about three. My strategy being cheap fluids changed more frequently are better than expensive ones changed on longer intervals. The trans got the cheap 80w-90 gear oil from Makeman and the Cusco 2-way diff got BP Racing Gear 85w-140. I’ve been using Castrol DC-Turbo 10w-30 engine oil and switched back to the Makeman cheap brand oil filter from a twice the price PIAA filter.


Fluids fresh and brakes tight, the Silvia was running better than ever.

On the tip that February 24th would be a bit practice day at Yukari Bokujo, I showed up at noon to a huge line up of cars. It was great to see such a big turnout as recently I’ve been going on Saturday and it’s been a little lonely. Haha. The heaps of track time is great but having a lot of people around you driving awesome makes you push a little harder. Here’s a few pics of some cars that caught my eye walking around.


A varied lineup of some really cool cars.


No bumper but that just means he was probably going hard. Functionally good looking 180SX. Not too low. Not too high. Plenty of meat on the tires.


NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Not only did this chick’s pink S15 look awesome, she had the skills to match. And side note: when did S15’s become more common than S13’s?!? Seriously, how many S15’s can you stuff in one picture?


Let’s move on to a little pit walk. White with any color (especially loud ones) always wins as shown on the JZX100 Chaser.


This kouki S14 is amazing! I can’t put it into words but it is fantastic. Individually some aspects are questionable but all together it makes a complete package of awesome. Rock hard car boner looking at this one.


You either like JZX110 Toyota Verossa’s or you don’t. Their unique looks leave no middle ground. Add some bright mismatched wheels and some fender flares for a more flashy/rugged/drifter look and you really reach the ends of the spectrum. Wish I would have seen it out on the track.


The surprise of the day was this S15.3 or Onevia or Sileighty or some new creation of a name to match the vehicle – S15 Silvia with a 180SX front. Definitely had to do a double take walking buy and then did a stupid laugh like when you stand next to someone who is shockingly tall. You’re brain can’t wrap itself around what’s in front if you so you resort to giggling. That kind of emotion. Love it. And with sleepy eyes, this thing is sooo good!

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while waiting for me to edit the footage from the day. I’ve been super busy lately and that hasn’t happened so I’ll just get this up as a part one and do the footage in another post.

And as luck, bad luck at that, would have it the day after such an awesome track day with beautiful weather and a great turnout, I found out Yukari Bokujo was shutdown. Like closed for business. Like no longer open for drifting and track days. What a HUGE bummer. So here I sit waiting to hear what’s next for open drifting track days here on Okinawa.