A while back when Steve and I were laying out the VK56 swap plan, we made a list of what we need to fab and the tools we need to do it. On the top of that list was a TIG welder. After looking at available models in our price range, it really made sense to go with an inverter model for the efficiency, versatility, and portability. We decided on a Miller Diversion 180 as it met all of our needs while coming with the sterling reputation Miller is known for. Knowing the amount of aluminum fabrication that’s in the swap’s future, it was a must have!

Equally exciting is the ability to make aluminum intercooler piping, modify intercooler endtanks and radiator setups, and weld on AN bungs where needed. We hate outsourcing and buying stuff when we know we can build it, and now the fabrication doors have been blown wide open!

Here are some just-out-of-the-box, dirty 110V beads just to try it out (the inverter technology lets it run off 110V or 220V which is great in a pinch):


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