Event: Okinawa Super Drift 2013 Rd. 1 – Pitwalk

I did a quick walk around the pits as the day was wrapping up. Some cars had already left but that worked in my favor as it meant there was room to get pictures. Here’s what caught my eye.


The Garage Cartis S15 is pretty awesome. Love the less common DMAX aero. The rear overs (Origin?) give it an interesting body line.



Craft Factory always has cool cars and a theme they had going was the use of carbon vinyl. The hood and trunk are both wrapped on this S13. If you look at it as not trying to trick the observer into thinking it’s carbon fiber and see it as an accent, it’s pretty cool stuff. Gives the car some texture and color. This car would have been fire with matching VS-KF’s in the rear.


This S15 proves its all in the color combo and parts you choose. Vented hood, wide fenders, body kit, and aftermarket wheels and I’d still call it classy. No drift bucket here.


Military theme paint jobs are big right now in Japan, but this is the only one I’ve seen in Okinawa. The driver was pretty rad making it into the Top 16 of Expert Class. He also gets credit for best comment of the day when he scraped the tire barrier on entry and ripped off his rear bumper. Hisashi Kamimoto asked Naoto Suenaga what he thought of the run and he replied, “I didn’t know stock rear bumpers came off so easily.” Haha. Maybe it’s funnier if you know what a pain a stock rear bumper can be to remove.


The B&M cars are really cool – DMAX aero and plenty of flash. I snapped the picture mainly to capture the awesome tow rig.


Another and even better use if carbon vinyl from Craft Factory on this JZX100 Chaser.


And another catchy S15 to close this out. A bit of variety in car choice and style. One of the things that makes drifting so fun.