SOLD: Panasport G7 C5C2 (2) 17×8+38 & (2) 17×9+50

Item: Panasport G7 C5C2
Description: (2) 17×8+35 & (2) 17×9+50; 5×114.3
Location: Okinawa Japan
Price: SOLD

Dipping into my personal collection here. These were intended to be a project for later but, with the shop growing, these need to go and equipment needs purchased! Great condition overall with some light rash on a couple wheels and typical nicks around the lug but holes. One has some touch up paint around the lug hole. No cracks. No repairs. As you can see, they polished up real nice. They’re a great set for the higher offset guys or a great base to reconfigure with new lips.

**UPDATE: The hub bore on these approx 59mm. S-chassis is 66.1mm. These won’t fit s-cars unless you have the bore opened up. **