Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #2

Greg has been updating the progress of the VK56 S13 build on a few local and national forums, but it is high time to get the blog updated with the build as well! Things are really taking shape and many of the hurdles are getting ironed out. The goal from day one has been to produce a COMPLETE swap kit that will make the swap a bolt-on, drop-in affair…and I’m excited to say we are nearing that goal!

I feel like this build has more work than my pictures show. Haha. I have over 200 pictures of this swap but a ton of them are for reference for when I reinstall, etc. So anyway it looks like I left off just before I started working on the motor mounts and cutting the oil pan.

Motor mounts – these ended up taking some time as I had goals I wanted to accomplish. My initial goals were to mount the engine as low and far back as possible and have a good fore/aft angle; next was to try to clear the brake booster.

I did end up mounting the motor low and back. It clears the radiator with G20/Altima fans. Unfortunately the brake booster had to be removed. I tried and tried to make it work with the stock unit but just couldn’t get the clearance for it. If anyone knows of a 7″ dual diaphragm Nissan unit I would be interested. The current plan is to ditch the booster and just run a Wilwood master cylinder in its place.

Oil Pan – This things has been the biggest pain in the whole swap as you will see. I was very tentative in my cutting of the pan, never wanting to cut more than was absolutely needed. Ends up the whole bottom needs to go. I just wish I would have had a reciprocating saw sooner as it made my life easy. It was able to get some of the deeper areas cut. Instead I did most of it with my right angle grinder (RIP ol’ buddy) and my hacksaw. FML. Got it done though.

Initial modified stock vk56de motor mounts:

Mocked mount Version 1:

Mocked Mount Version 1:

Mocked Trans Mount Version 1:

Attempting to clear booster. Maybe I can mod the valve cover down the road, but plastic welding scares me:

Clearing booster another angle:

Fan to motor clearance:

Motor to cross-member clearance:

Rack to trans adapter clearance:

Oil Pan to sway bar clearance:

Oil Pan starting to get cut:

Profile of cut oil pan:

Off and running again…