Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #5

Greg has been updating the progress of the VK56 S13 build on a few local and national forums, but it is high time to get the blog updated with the build as well! Things are really taking shape and many of the hurdles are getting ironed out. The goal from day one has been to produce a COMPLETE swap kit that will make the swap a bolt-on, drop-in affair…and I’m excited to say we are nearing that goal!

Sometimes when you are building something, you have to depart from the actual project to build other “stuff” that will help you to better complete your task. Thankfully I had a pile of metal I had purchased for a failed project that could now get used.

I now had a TIG welder and no good way to sharpen the tungsten electrodes. So, I did some quick research *cough, Google* and found a bench grinder with a drill is the preferred method. I already had a cordless drill so I picked up a bench grinder from the local big box store. The grinder looked pretty good out of the box but not so good on the floor. So surprise, surprise the bench grinder needed a small bench.

Next, was to address how to mobilize the TIG welder. I drug that thing around the garage for about a month before I figured I would put together a cart. And why? I don’t know, but when you have one new weld cart it makes you want another to match. So I built one for the MIG too.

Finally, there was the issue of a small welding table. I had been tig welding in the most random places and couldn’t concentrate of the feed, food, and heat that well. So I grabbed an old stool I had floating in the garage and figured the table height from that.

I made all the items as light as possible. Most things are made from 1/2″ or 3/8″ round bar, and 1″ x 1″ square tube. The best part is the time involved was only a weekend, and the progress you will make from them will be strides better.

These small projects helped to forward progress and quality so much. They put that little something extra in extraordinary! HAHA Name that movie!

The start of new bits of awesome:

The grinder on its new digs:

The reason you want the grinder in the first place:

The TIG cart:

The MIG cart:

Finally the TIG Table: