Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #6

Greg has been updating the progress of the VK56 S13 build on a few local and national forums, but it is high time to get the blog updated with the build as well! Things are really taking shape and many of the hurdles are getting ironed out. The goal from day one has been to produce a COMPLETE swap kit that will make the swap a bolt-on, drop-in affair…and I’m excited to say we are nearing that goal!

I have been wanting to get another post up, but I have been torn with how I wanted to present things: Objectively or Chronologically. It seems most people post chronologically but the way my build has gone it is very scattered. Example being: I started the oil pan, but don’t have the sheet material to complete it, so I moved to the power-steering setup, but then hit a road block on it, so then bumped over to headers and so on. So my thought was to progress the build objectively. Also, I think it will work out good to for those that want to reference a picture or post.

First up, is the power-steering setup. Why is this first? Honestly it was between this and the headers as I have both of them to a point I can make a jig off them and make the final part.

Oh yeah, I never mentioned that! I really don’t like having my parts look like the “trial and error” pieces that come from a project such as this. So all parts made currently are actually just to be used to test fit, initial start up, and will then be used to make jigs so that I can replicate the trial piece. This way the finished product has fewer cuts, cleaner welds, and overall more factory looking.

Back to the power-steering. It may seem unrelated but I have wanted A/C in my fun car for sometime. So a VK56 power-steering relocation to the a/c location wasn’t going happen. Also I wasn’t keen on going to the MR2 pump right now as it was pretty expensive and just seemed unnecessary now that I had the ability to weld aluminum. So I decided to work with what I had, a really oily power-steering/alternator bracket. The issue with the pumps currently location is the P/S pulley will hit the battery box and the front apron under the battery box, it does clear the lower “frame” box section though. The pump had room to move in and down towards the block and alternator, but would it be enough. It turns out it is, just barely. I will say if you are running a tube front end with the apron sheet metal removed forward of the strut tower you will be able to run an unmodified power-steering/alternator bracket. The other option would be to cut a relief in the front apron for the pulley sit in. This last option was strongly considered with the use of a formed piece of aluminum to keep road water/dirt from entering the belt drive. If my current set up fails, expect this to occur next.

Also if anyone knows of a smaller pulley that will fit the VK P/S pumps splines, would you please post up what year, make, model it is from. I would like to try this route as well.

Lets get to some picture as my work can then just be used for reference.

Stock PS location. (huge pulley on the far left)

Stock PS location clearance – front.

Stock PS location clearnance – overhead.

About where I want it to be.

Taking it slow, removing parts of the brackets as the pump contacts it.

Realized the front needs a new piece altogether.

Front of bracket removed.

Getting artsy around the bolt hole.

Rear bolt hole getting relocated to new home.

New clearance to front apron. Kind of bad angle more room that it shows.

All lined up.