Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #7

Greg has been updating the progress of the VK56 S13 build on a few local and national forums, but it is high time to get the blog updated with the build as well! Things are really taking shape and many of the hurdles are getting ironed out. The goal from day one has been to produce a COMPLETE swap kit that will make the swap a bolt-on, drop-in affair…and I’m excited to say we are nearing that goal!

Update time!!

Well, that was a longer break than I expected. I have been making strides in the swap so when that happens I tend to get caught up. I have been working on the first set of permanent motor mounts. A couple of braces and that post will be coming.

As mentioned last time, the headers are the next item I have in a state where they will become the templates for the final pieces. As with most everything thing, there are a few revisions in the process. I started with the collectors in one place then moved them beside the transmission. The drivers header got remade entirely once, followed by getting half redone before working decent now. This is my first foray into header making. It is like a puzzle that you have the start and finish, but no middle. I am sure they will get tweaked a bit more when I am making the final set.

This like everything done on the build was discussed at great length between Steve and I. We looked at piping size, equal versus unequal length, material, coatings, powerband range, etc. What we attempted to do was focus power through out the power band. We decided to use steel 1-5/8″ piping with an unequal length header and ceramic coated or wrapped. Unequal length headers seem to keep power in the mid range and add a bit on either end. The piping size should make good mid range power as well. Stainless seemed too expensive to mess with for the prototype set since we may change pipe sizing later. The one thing I was really sad to see get the axe this go round was a tri-y header. This is something I really want to revisit in the future.

The Start:

The bends in the box:

Stock VK56DE Header:

Only need the stock flange. Later I will get new flanges cut:

Here are the two flanges laid over each other. You can see what I removed with the die grinder, so much metal got stuck in my hands while doing this:

This was where I initially wanted the collectors, but there just wasn’t enough room to maneuver the pipes around the steering shaft and into the collecter without many extra cuts:

Drivers side header version 1. I felt this lay out just didn’t work:

Version 1 fit up in chassis:

Driver side header version 2. This version got nixed due to the pain of the extra cross in the pipes:

Version 2 fit up in chassis:

Drivers side header version 3. Pretty happy how this has come out. I look forward to the finished piece:

The passenger side header went pretty quick. I would like to rework the rear pipe to tighten it up to the rest:

Here is the rear view of the set up, with the driver side version 2:

This is the most important part of all, A/C!!!: