Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #10

I am honestly about to run short of things until I start making more final pieces!! I best get to working more.

I am going to visit the shifter setup this time. I know most of you are probably thinking, I have seen this before, but I am promise I went another route. Basically I needed another way to move the shifter forward so the shifter hole didn’t need to be altered – FD rules and what-not, plus no sheet metal to cut in cabin. It also needed to be able to allow the articulation the Z33 transmission requires.

I started on the shifter and attempted using the stock shifter, and attempted, and attempted. Basically I decided to step back and do something else after while. Then one day I was showing Steve some progress on the shifter. I started explaining my frustration with it and he had a really good suggestion: make a new shifter. I attribute myself being too close to the problem to see the simple solution in front of me. From that point forward, it has gone pretty smooth. Had to source some heims and links, which took some time, but otherwise simple.

Like always this is a prototype piece and not the final setup. The major revision will be: to ditch the square tube and go round instead; to install a reverse lockout; to solve potential loosening of components; and finally to pick a height for the shifter.

Here is what the stock linkage looks like:

Here is what most people do with the stock linkage. I may end up using this in the S14 if it has more room for it. It allows the shifter to articulate a bit freer:

Here is how I did my linkage. The bad part about this linkage is it doesn’t allow the in/out motion to occur, but does allow the twist:

After installing the linkage on the transmission here is where it wound up in the shifter hole. It is only off center in the pictures as I didn’t have it lined up…it is nice and centered now.

So in order to get the in/out movement and retain the twist I came up with this setup:

Shifter in the car! Functioned awesome:

Shift boot on, centered up good, I like the placement:

I will have to get a video of the setup in progress.