Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #11

Well it has been sometime since I got anything up….*muttered under breath*…4 months…*cough, cough*.

There has been a large gust of wind in the VK56 swap sails. Steven and I have set a couple dates we would like to see things done: end of July should see swap completion and ready for tune; Mid-late August should see the remaining small bits on the car. Steven is going to make a trip back for a month in July/August to see family and then work with me on getting this beast to a tunable state. That way, Steve (Iceman), can come down, celebrate birthdays, and tune this thing and get it moving under it own POWA!!!!

We picked out a body kit to run on ol’ Minty. I am pretty excited about the kit. It is a JP USA or JP Vizage Type 2 180sx kit. It fits my style for sure and it was the one Steven and both agreed on. The bad part about the kit is it just added to my ever growing “to do list”. hahaha…fml. The whole goal of all this show and go parts list, is to make the Offset Kings event in Fort Worth that is in conjunction with Formula D. (If this gets cancelled, someone please let me know!!)

Oh, and I redid the motor mounts for the 3-4th time. I am much happier with them now, they allow better clearance for the headers.

Did you say headers?!? Oh, and I redid those as well. I have been really stuck on these things as they weren’t equal length…until now. Now that they are equal length the e-nerd in me can sleep easier at night. Sometime in the near-ish future I would like to make a set of headers as similar to stock headers as I can to see what the potential power gains are and where they lie side by side on the dyno graph.

Some of the every extending list of things to do is:

Move engine bay wiring to under dash
Prep and paint the kit after fitting it
Prep and paint the new rims – info to follow
Make a “y” pipe
Finish my 1, 2,…3rd set new and improved should be equal length headers
Extend front LCAs
Fix passenger front fender(or buy a decent one for cheap)
Fill rear windshield squirter hole that I forgot to do the first time I painted the body…fml
Add back new bling gauges – more info later
Install fresher seats – more to come on this too
Swap steering wheels – yep, later update
Clean up door card fabric
Add Dvd Deck, and sub enclosure (if time, stupid high school me wants this)
Make rear jacking point for rear bumper support
Install new GP Sports G Master coilovers
Finish welding stuff that needs it
Clean and Rebuild motor
Rebuild R200 Kaaz unit and set lash in pumpkin

I am sure there is more but that was only 10 minutes of thinking about it…hanging head…

Anyway lets do some pictures:

I finally started using the Evolution Raptor Saw, and it is badass. I have used it to cut my header piping and it makes for a very clean and true cut:

Here is the redone motor mounts. Thankfully I made a jig. It made the remake effortless:

Painted and installed:

The headers are coming, the headers are coming:

For you duct tape fans out there:

Tacking it together, and the current state:

Motor mounts now allow more room for headers:

I did a quick check with the oil pan to make sure nothing had warped during welding, and thankfully it was all just fine:

Then I got distracted!!!:

Oh and whats that more shit to distract me further!!!!:

For anyone needing to rebuild their KAAZ R200 here is a diagram for how to place the clutch plates for 80% and 100% engagement:

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