SOLD: Blitz BRW-03 (2) 18×8+32 & (2) 18×9+32

Item: Blitz BRW-03 (Type 03)

Description: (2) 18×8+32 & (2) 18×9+32; 5×114.3

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Price: SOLD


Much sought after and quite rare Blitz Type 03’s for sale. These need a quality refurb and best bought with that in mind. The rash on the front pair has been lightly sanded and the entire face, lips, and bolts have been spray painted. One has a couple gouges on the top of one two of the spokes. The rear pair has some pretty heavy rash in spots. They need to be broke down completely and brought back to life. Whoever is willing to do the work is going to wind up with a really rad set of wheels! To the victor goes the spoils as they say. Center caps included and three of the four have rare BRW valve caps. These are mid or low disk as a 15mm spacer is required to clear Z brakes up front, but this results in ridiculously large lips for the width of the wheels. Great stock body sizes for a wide range of cars – S2000, RX7, NSX, s-chassis, FRS, BRZ, etc!

Shipping to the states will be via USPS with tracking and insurance and arrive in about 10 business days. To other countries, they will be shipped via sea freight which usually takes 6-8 weeks (expedited shipping options are available at the buyers expense).